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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn.

I've finally gotten around to reading Gone Girl.  I put it off because, really, who wants to read about marriage on the skids, a missing-presumed-murdered young wife, bad adult behavior, and borderline sociopaths?  Isn't this the kind of story that television is there to supply?

Well, it turns out that lots of people have wanted to read Gone Girl.

Gone Girl is one of Amazon's biggest sellers this year.  Checking today, it ranks at number 12 after the clutter of Fifty Shades and Hunger Games titles.  So, I gave the book a turn.  And admittedly, it is entertaining reading.

The book is about Nick and Amy, a married couple in their mid-30s.  After both lose their job in New York City, they move to Nick's hometown in Missouri.  Things don't go well.  Amy, a native New Yorker, isn't thrilled with her new life.  Money is tight.  The last $80,000 from her trust fund is used by Nick to purchase a bar.  But their fifth wedding anniversary is coming around and it is an opportunity to get on track.

However, Amy disappears on the day of their anniversary.  The police investigate.  Soon Nick becomes their primary suspect for being the cause of that disappearance.

Did Nick do something irrevocable?  Did Amy?

Gone Girl is easy to read, occasionally funny, and often insightful about people and what motivates them.  The plot is nicely put together to build interest and some suspense.

Don't fear the grim subject matter.  If Gone Girl were a cocktail, it would be a Diet and Jack:  Easy to consume and providing a little jolt of entertainment.  If that's what you like, or are looking for on occasion, check it out.

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