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Friday, September 27, 2013

Highly Recommended Reading: "The Middlesteins" by Jami Attenberg.

By chance I recently picked up Jami Attenberg's novel The Middlesteins and discovered that it is a terrific book, one I highly recommend.  It was one of those books that really hooked me in and I felt at a bit of a loss after it was through. Do you know that feeling? the "now what do I do" feeling after a good book is over?

Briefly, the plot concerns a smart woman in her 60s, Edie Middlestein, who is killing herself by overeating, and how her children and husband react to this situation.  The book isn't a clinical story about disease. Instead it is a witty and engaging story of a family reacting to a crisis: Edie's husband of over 30 years leaves her; her daughter-in-law decides to save her; and Edie herself finds new love.  The Middlesteins is about how people in a family unit act and react to changing circumstances.  It is a wonderful novel, witty and fast-paced.  Check it out!

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