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Friday, November 22, 2013

Mystery and Mayhem in Minnesota: Boundary Waters by William Kent Krueger.

The very enjoyable crime fiction novel Boundary Waters is part of a series of books set in northern Minnesota by author William Kent Krueger and featuring his protagonist Cork O'Connor.  In this outing O'Connor, a former county sheriff, is recruited to help find a woman missing in the boundary waters between Minnesota and Canada.

The missing woman, a popular country music singer, was a little girl when she witnessed the murder of her mother.  Her disappearance in the wilderness raises concerns not just among her family, but among those who may be concerned that she recalls new details about that murder.  As a result, the effort to find her turns dangerous and deadly.

Although Boundary Waters is part of a series, you can jump into this book and enjoy the read immediately. But because I liked this book so much, I plan to start at the beginning of the Cork O'Connor series and read them all!