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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fun Summer Read: Neil Gaiman's 2008 YA Novel, The Graveyard Book.

This weekend I finally read Neil Gaiman's 2008 young adult novel, The Graveyard Book. It is terrific. If you are an adult who enjoys the occasional YA book, read this one. It is an exciting mystery and fantasy story.

The Graveyard Book begins with the murder of a little boy's family. I found it chilling! (Note to parents, considering reading the first chapter yourself so you can determine whether or not your child is the right age for this story). The little boy escapes by accident and coincidence, toddling out the front door. He subsequently ends up down the road in a very old graveyard. While the ghosts in the graveyard consider what to do with a baby, the spirit of the boy's mother arrives and implores the ghostly community to take care of her boy. The murderer hasn't disappeared. He intends to get this child, too, no matter how long it takes. Moved by this plea, the ghosts decide to raise the boy and keep him safe from this threat for as long as they can.

How the boy grows up in the graveyard and the resolution of this threat to his life is the gripping story that spins out in the rest of the novel. A terrific story for a summer read, check out The Graveyard Book.