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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Suspenseful Reading: A Billion Ways to Die by Chris Knopf.

Photo of title page from Chris Knopf's book, A Billion Ways to Die

In A Billion Ways to Die, author Chris Knopf brings us the third installment of his series featuring Arthur Cathcart. Cathcart's tale began in the thriller Dead Anyway, in which his wife is murdered and he is shot in the head in the couples' Connecticut home. Cathcart's recovery is partial - he suffers from brain damage - but with the help of his sister, a physician, this computer wizard manages to get declared dead so that he can anonymously investigate why his ordinary life has been shattered. What did the murderer want from his wife, the owner of an insurance-brokerage firm?

Although there is some resolution to the crime in Dead Anyway, Cathcart wants more answers. He goes digging for them in the second installment, Cries of the Lost. There is money involved here and thus his probing triggers a lethal response; Cathcart must move fast and be smart to stay ahead of the game.


Now in part three, Cathcart and his partner Natsumi Fitzgerald are in the Caribbean, looking for peace and safety. It's illusive, however. The couple are kidnapped, questioned and almost killed. Cathcart must find out who is behind this action and how he can identify and stop these bad guys who apparently know all of his secrets.

A Billion Ways to Die is a globe-trotting, action-packed thriller with plenty of high-tech twists. What's lovely about Chris Knopf's work is that his writing is smart, with welcome touches of wry humor. And while this is an enjoyable book all on its own, reading the books in order is great fun, in my opinion.

Check out Chris Knopf's Arthur Cathcart series for an exciting read from an author who knows what he is doing.