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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Casting about for a book to read?

Here is an interesting list of 80 books. Published at Esquire and selected by eight well-known writers, these are titles that the writers suggest that everyone should read.

If you are looking for something to read today, why not start with Louise Erdrich's novel The Round House? In the Esquire list The Round House is suggested by Roxanne Gay; and it is highly recommended reading by me. The book also won the National Book Award for Fiction. Check it out!

Here's hoping you have a good book to read on this chilly Sunday in January.

The Hallelujah Saguaro
by Amy S Dixon

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  1. Just an additional note: Louise Erdrich has written many excellent books. One of my other favorites is The Master Butchers Singing Club; I highly recommend you read that as well as The Round House.