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Monday, May 30, 2016

Highly Recommended Reading: Back Lash by Chris Knopf

If you are looking for a good mystery to read on vacation this summer, then check out Back Lash by Chris Knopf. Back Lash is the seventh book in Knopf's mystery series featuring Sam Acquillo. Even if you haven't read the previous books, you will enjoy this one (but read the others, too, because they're great). In this outing, Sam heads out from his cottage home near Southampton, overlooking Little Peconic Bay, to the Bronx to investigate a cold case: the murder of his father.

Sam's father was murdered forty years ago, beaten to death in a bar in the Bronx. A conversation with the now-elderly bartender who had been on duty on the night of the murder spurs Sam into looking into what happened, and why. Sam quickly finds out that although the crime occurred long ago, there is plenty of present-day interest in keeping a lid on it. He uncovers connections to organized crime, police irregularities and a whole lot of danger.

There is lots of action and suspense in Back Lash. and I found the ending to be a complete surprise. Add to that Sam Acquillo's dry wit and a compelling supporting cast of characters and Back Lash totals up to a great read. Check it out!


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