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Monday, October 10, 2016

Fatal Pursuit by Martin Walker (A Bruno, Chief of Police Novel)

In Fatal Pursuit, Martin Walker continues his series of cozy mysteries set in rural France and featuring Bruno, the police chief of St. Denis. In this outing, Bruno is called to the home of an elderly couple. It appears that while the woman was out of town, her husband died of a heart attack. Bruno, however, finds the scene suspicious and sets an investigation into motion.

Now in most mysteries, having identified the potential crime, solving the crime would completely consume the main character's time and attention. This is not Martin Walker's style. Yes, Bruno attends to his job, but that attention includes assignments outside of the dead gentleman. And the reader is also treated to an immersion in life in the French countryside; to the enjoyment of carefully prepared food, good wine, and good times with friends. And in Bruno's case, his group of friends include his horse, dog, and a new romantic relationship with a beautiful woman.

On top of all this, Bruno also spends time participating in an auto rally. And this rally, and the crowd of people it attracts to his community, shapes the resolution of the novel. But really, Fatal Pursuit is more about joie de vivre than crime busting. And for this reader, entering such a world is a welcome relief from current events.

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