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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eat the Cheese

It used to be just a casual thing. I could take it or leave it. Days would go by, and I wouldn't think about it at all. That's all changed now. It's something I have to have every day. And what I'm really striving for now is self-acceptance. Acceptance of that fact that I'm obsessed with cheese.

Cheese. I'm talking about the good stuff, artisan cheese, and not that spongy orange glop. If you are similarly obsessed with fabulous cheese, you might want to request this traveler's guide to cheese in Wisconsin and this directory to Wisconsin artisan and farmstead dairies. In fact, I may schedule a cheese-centered summer road trip.

Perhaps a good story would come from such an excursion, a Fear and Loathing in Dairyland, if you will. An Internet search for references to cheese in literature led me to this post at Fromage du Mois discussing Tristan Jones’ Saga of a Wayward Sailor. In a chapter of the book, 200 pounds of stolen cheese sinks Tristan's boat into the mud. To get unstuck, the boat's useless engine is thrown overboard, and the cheese is saved. Via Fromage du Mois, here is a link to to the relevant exerpt at Google Books.

God save the cheese. And now, let's get that 12-year-old cheddar to room temp, shall we?

Up-Dated 4/1/2009: Checkout the desktop calendar for April from Chocolate and Zucchini,
a picture of a cheese plate served at Le Pre Catelan.