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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

University of Wisconsin Law School Professor Ann Althouse: A bit too much, and on so many levels.

Ann Althouse is a Robert W. & Irma Arthur-Bascom Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School. Having the absolute good fortunate to hold such a position, I assume Professor Althouse must have a rigorous schedule of legal scholarship, teaching, and activities committed to the school, the Wisconsin Idea, and the law. Really, I am going to assume this as it keeps to a manageable level the amount of acid in my stomach. What Professor Althouse is popularly known for, however, is her blog "Althouse."

I am not a regular reader of Althouse as its content does not interest me. I do, however, read legal blogs and that is where I learned of a swirling Internet story concerning Professor Althouse. Above the Law reports that she has become engaged to a commentator on her blog.

According to the Professor, "[M]y fiancé is someone who has interacted with me in writing on my blog for more than 4 years. We decided to meet in person after an exchange of email in December. We met in January and then, after a some additional email, decided to meet again in mid-February, and then we fell in love. We decided to get married after 2 more weekends and a 10-day spring break." Professor Althouse discusses her life in an interview for Bloggingheads.

After watching the interview, I felt a great deal of pity for Professor Althouse as she looks like a fool. Not because of who she is marrying, but because of how she presents herself, and the manner in which she has completely disgorged her personal life to the world.

In our personal lives, we all may look or feel foolish at some point. That is one reason why people seek to keep private certain aspects of life. Other people, like Britney Spears, are making a career out of the celebrity of personal revelation and public embarrassment. Ms. Spears arguably has fewer options in life, however, as she is not a graduate of the University of Michigan and the New York University School of Law, or a Robert W. & Irma Arthur-Bascom Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School, as is Professor Althouse.

Professor Althouse has the good fortune to be a law school professor and as such can participate in the serious business of shaping the law, and thus the life of our country. Speaking as a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin Law School, I hope that in the future she will keep some of her personal life to herself.

Professor, you are overexposed.


  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the post. I watched the interview with bloggingheads.TV. I also followed a little bit the story.
    To be honest I do not know how she is a professor of Law. Either she tries to drive a Buzz or a lot of attention to her/her blog or there is something wrong with her.

    Anyway it would be interesting to see what's next?!

  2. Yup, lots of theater and drama there!